Collection of Free Indicators for Metatrader Forex

This Collection of Indicators for Metatrader Forex are ones that are available for all to use for Free. Some are very experimental in nature and have not been tested in the way that the commercial ones have so be aware of that when using them. Some are available from around the internet and not coded by us and all copyright notices are intact. If per-chance we have stood on your copyright toes by having an indicator here, please contact us and we will remove it promptly.

Colored MACD Free Indicator for MT4


Visual clues make it easier to quickly pick a direction or value that is important to you in your trading strategy. The MACD indicator lends itself well to a visual make over so our colored version is freely available if…

Time To Bar End Indicator for MT4


When trading or viewing larger timeframes it is handy to see how long before a new candle forms easily. This indicator updates with a color change on direction and offers high visibility of the hours, minutes and seconds to bar…

Improved Free Psar Levels Indicator for MT4


Many traders have downloaded the original version of the Brooky Psar Levels and found it very useful. This version now has additional levels that were lacking and some additional display options that make it much more intuitive to use. So…