Category: Commercial Indicators

The Brooky Commercial Indicators are premium indicators that are bug supported and known to be stable. These are not supplied with source code as the Free ones are. Be nice and don’t decompile them as Copyright Laws do apply.

They are available from within the Brooky Shop on the main menu.

Multi Indicator Signal Strategy Indicator

Special PRE Release Version. If you know your way around MT4, can set indicator options and are past the basics, this PRE release version is for you. While the manuals are still being written, experienced traders can get this Indicator…

Explainer Image for Main Levels Indicator

I have added the image below to the Main Levels Indicator page as a quick graphical way to help explain it’s effectiveness. A complete explanation of the trading levels concept and indicator is at the Main Levels Indicator page.

Meaningful Levels Indicator for MT4 Trading

The Forex market is in a constant state of fluctuation achieving higher highs and lower lows on all timeframes and the previous highs and lows on all timeframes are very distinct reactive levels. Where many traders struggle is that while…

Stochastic On Stochastic Mt4 Indicator

The Stochastic indicator is one that I tend to gravitate back to often for divergence trades in my own trading.  Bearing that in mind and with the very rangy conditions in the start of 2013 I was looking for another…