Freehand Drawing Indicator. Draw For FX for MT4 Metatrader Trading Platform

Draw For FX.

Enhanced Version 2 now available.

Your Freehand drawing tool for MT4 allowing personalized complex chart markups.

Draw 4 FX MT4 Indicator


Enhance your Charts easily with Draw 4 FX by using it’s Freehand or Chart Locked modes to visualize or plot your trade ideas in ways not available on the standard platform.

Quickly sketch and take photos to share with fellow traders or archive for planning purposes.

If you are an instructor for Stock, Forex or Binary Trading, use the tool to get your ideas across to your trading room students directly from within MT4 instead of screenshooting, opening another app and drawing. Lock important points to chart so you can zoom, change tf and save as template for further use.



Draw for FX MT4 Draw Pen options

A full Instructional video has been made which we recommend viewing BEFORE diving in too deep. It will save you time by viewing before clicking n drawing all over your charts. It is available on YouTube at or embedded below.

The Draw4FX Indicator is available from our Brooky Shop at a very reasonable $19.95 as we wanted to make it affordable for any trader and you can get support if required via our contacts page.

This is a graphical Indicator and MT4 requires Ticks to operate its graphic objects. IF you wish to draw on weekends, we recommend a Weekend ticker that keeps your platform alive and will alow the graphics to work. We use one offered by Weekend Ticker

Please note that MT4 is still a Trading platform and not a high end graphics program so some allowances have to be made in how to use the indicator.

Practice makes perfect and the learning curve is shallow so within a short time, you can use the Draw 4 FX indicator to your best advantage.

Version 2 Enhancements

  • Candles can now be set Behind or in Front of drawings.
  • Quick Pic colors can now be changed to your fav set.
  • Indicator can now be set under all your other sub window indicators. Prefered placement now.
  • Additioal minimize button added for better user experience.

Draw 4 FX V2 Enhancements-foregroundDraw 4 FX V2 Enhancements-colorsDraw 4 FX V2 Enhancements-minimizeDraw 4 FX V2 Enhancements-alert